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Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Snow Day!

We rarely have snowflakes falling at our house, but a few days ago, we had alot of them!  Big fluffy flakes began falling about 10:00 pm on Thursday night, followed by amazing flurries blowing around the outside lights. Nora and Oliver's first snow - terrifically exciting and wondrous for Nora, and simply a little puzzling and cold for Oliver, although he laughed as well. What a joy to see that wonder in Nora's eyes!  After young and old alike were in bed for the night, it continued to snow so that by 3:00 a.m. our lawn and landscape were covered when I peeked out to look - magical anytime when you see it so seldom, but especially so in moonlight! By the time I got up and pulled on my robe the next morning, little ones and parents were out making angels and a snowman while they could. We knew the melt would begin as the sun warmed the day. Nora did not know that, even though it had been explained. She was very sad to see the snow go. I am thankful for this special gift for us at Christmastime. This year we don't have to say the only snow we got was on Christmas cards!

Sunday, December 27, 2009

There's No Business like Snow Business

Our granddaughters who live in North Texas had a White Christmas! Maddie made snow angels and snow balls. Santa had to leave the wooden playhouse in pieces because he had trouble putting them together in the heavy snowfall. No snow for us in South Texas, but I did watch White Christmas! Our family here gathered for the day, enjoying cooking and eating and gifting and singing around the piano, with a number of telephone conversations with the snow angels and their angel parents.