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Friday, March 4, 2016

In 1976, Joe and I and our 3 boys flew from Texas to Los Angeles where we visited Disney Land and Knotsberry Farm. Then we rented a car and drove up the California coast, stopped to visit friends in Fresno then (loaded with sacks of grapes), drove to San Francisco where we feasted on crab at Fisherman's Wharf, explored the Exploratorium, went to the Presidio and walked on the beach near where Joe spent his army years at Fort Baker. We also went to Ghirardelli Square for ice cream treats.  I kept the menu, loving its graphics and mouth watering listings.  I framed it and hung it in our kitchen or pantry for several years.  I found the menu a few weeks ago, and thought it would be fun to Google their current prices.  If you really ever wonder how much more things cost now than almost 40 years ago, here is your answer.

I don't remember exactly what we had, but it is likely that one of us had (or shared) a Golden Gate Banana Split, featured on the above menu for $1.85. The 2015 menu lists the same banana split for $11.45. I am sure there was a Hot Fudge Sundae on the table, priced at $1.65 and now sells for $10.95.  And a Root Beer Float, another family favorite was 75 cents, but now would set you back $6.25.  

I know, everything now costs much more than it did then, and our income was less, too.  Enjoy those ice cream treat special occasions!