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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Stained Glass

We have several pieces of stained glass hanging in the windows of our home. This is my favorite, because Joe made it many years ago.  I love the way light brings the designs in leaded glass to life, changing as the day progresses and light falls in different places.  I, love the glowing colors and flowing designs.  After many years of absence from the art of cutting glass, fitting lead or copper around sharp edges, and soldering pieces together in a beautiful puzzle assembly, Joe has decided to take up his soldering iron and work again.  I am looking forward to the pieces he will choose to create.  But most of all I look forward to the joy it brings him, the artist!

Monday, November 14, 2011


Today is my 71st birthday.  I am content.  Just like Angel and Bella, I choose my spot in the sunlight and find peace.  My circumstances are not all that peaceful, to be sure.  We spent the morning going to medical appointments for both of us.  Joe has three doctor's appointments this week, and will very soon have another surgery, totaling 14 for both knees.  I have made to do lists for this week which will undoubtedly be unfinished by the next.  Thanksgiving is next week!  The first Sunday in Advent is 3 days later, with Christmas on the way!  And although I love all the special ways we celebrate and decorate and participate, these are busy days.  My contentment comes from choosing to be in the light of God's love and being given the peace that only comes from Him.  November 11, 2011:  a very happy birthday. 

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Packing the Christmas Dress

When my mother was growing up, they never put up the Christmas tree until Christmas eve.  All the festivities and celebrating came after Christmas.  They  celebrated the 12 days of Christmas beginning with Christmas day.  Now that we decorate our and trees much earlier (ours is usually done on Thanksgiving weekend) we have longer to enjoy our house with its Christmas dress on, but I still don’t like to take anything down until Epiphany.  As I pack away ornaments and manger scenes, I remember that I am not putting away the Christ-light.  Nearly 30 years ago I wrote about “undecorating”. 

The mantle seems lonely without the little manger scene.
The house looks plain, bereft of red and green.
The tree is down, the front door bare.
No wreath or garland festooned there.
Our mailbox no longer yields its daily harvest of cards.
The lights and Santas are gone from all the yards.

We packed away the manger scene,
But not the shine of the star!
For His new birth within us, no time or season can mar.
Because He was born, we have Christmas.
Because He died we have life.
Because He lives we have new years
No matter what serves us with strife.

We thank Him for peace and for promise.
We thank Him for love and for sight.
We thank Him for meaning and purpose.
We live to show darkness the Light.

Definitely older, hopefully wiser...I sing along to Andrea Bocelli's Christmas album, allow a few tears to fill my eyes, and am aware that the gifts of Christmas continue.